This isn’t your average hot chocolate on a spoon. It’s hot concrete chocolate on a mafia victim. Black sesame chocolate to be precise. The guy is made from chocolate, too. You’re supposed to melt the whole thing down in a cup of hot milk so you get to drink hot chocolate. There’s a wooden spoon behind the guy for stirring. This could be a nice gift for a mafia fan.

Pretty nice concept, eh? The idea originated from a Dutch/German chocolate company. They sell their Hotchocspoons in many varieties. Awesome. I’ve tried apple pie flavour, it was delicious.

The idea made its way into the foodie blogosphere where it was adapted by many. You can find neat versions of hot chocolate on a spoon/ stick for example here with marshmallows, here in heart shape, and here with sprinkles and more sprinkles. That’s what I like about the blogging network: a good basic idea becomes widely known and inspires people to share their own rendition with the public. It’s not a cycle of copying – it’s a never-ending flow of creativity and advancement.

Why did I make mafia style hot chocolate on a spoon? Well, I was thinking about making hot chocolate spoons with different colours. Grey chocolate made from black sesame was one of the things that came to my mind. And since a grey chocolate block looks like concrete… and you have to drown it in milk…  it was kind of obvious that this has to be turned into the look of a mafia victim with cement shoes.

I wanted to take more pictures of the final product but at some point during the shooting the chocolate guy fell down and his head broke apart! Isn’t it ironic? It was death by decapitation although he was destined to lose his life through drowning in milk.

How to make Hot Chocolate on a Spoon – Mafia Style

Cooking Soundtrack: The Godfather Theme

  • dark chocolate
  • white chocolate
  • freeze-dried red berries
  • kinako powder (toasted soy bean flour)
  • black sesame powder (such as instant powder for dessert)
  • wooden spoon or stick
  • ice cube tray or small muffin mold
  1. If you want to see a detailed explanation on how to make simple chocolate paintings, click here to see my previous post about it.
  2. Here’s the picture of my mafia victim, directly traced on parchment paper, ready to be painted.
  3. For the dark parts, I used chocolate with 99% cocoa content. Really dark shade. And really bitter taste. That suits the theme, doesn’t it?
  4. Ready to be moved to the refrigerator.
  5. For the rose, I powdered the freeze-dried berries and mixed them with white chocolate.
  6. I mixed kinako and white chocolate for the skin parts.
  7. After those parts have hardened up in the refrigerator as well, cover everything with white chocolate and refrigerate again.
  8. Mix black sesame powder with white chocolate for the “concrete” and pour it into the mold. Place chocolate victim and wooden spoon inside and stabilise with box or something alike.
  9. Drown the guy in a cup of hot milk and let him melt down. Black sesame and dark chocolate are a great combo, believe me.
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16 Responses to “Hot Chocolate On A Spoon – Mafia Style”

  • Penny Wolf says:

    This is a scream! I love this!

  • What a riot. Such genius to make him “sleep with the…” erm, lactose? Kudos on a great idea and even greater choc handiwork ♥ ♥ ♥

  • Susan says:

    Hilarious. I love it! I always did wonder how the mobsters were able to get their victims into cement shoes in the first place. Wouldn’t it take forever for the concrete to dry? Hehe.

    I imagine it’d would be interesting to see the guy slowly melt into the milk. With all the different flavors (the bitter chocolate, the berries, the kinako, and the sesame) how does it taste when it’s all mixed into the milk?

    • Jojo Krang says:

      Thank you Susan! The thing with the cement shoes seems to be an extremely bothersome procedure!
      As soon as I dunked the guy into the milk he was gone. He melted away in an instant! I couldn’t really taste the berries and the kinako, the chocolate and sesame flavour were quite dominant. It had a nice flavour all in all but it would have been better with a bit of hard liquor ;-)

  • doggybloggy says:

    I am going to start making these chocolate paintings – I hope you wont mind!

  • cool thanks for writing this

  • Amatō says:

    Jojo, ich würde an Deiner stelle das Patent sichern lassen, wirklich.(ganz ernst jetzt)
    Als “Scherzartikel” ist es eine klasse Idee,dadrauf muss man erst kommen…
    Vor allem das versinken in der Milch, und dann hat man Schokomilch…
    Kinder lieben solchen Kram!

  • Hilarious! You definitely beat out all the creativity on this one!!

  • Token says:

    Ich finde auch, dass du dir das Patent sichern lassesn solltest. Das ist bestimmt ein Kracher in etwas höher gestellten Szene-Cafes. Geniale Idee, ich staune einfach nur noch wie viel Kreativität du hast! Unglaublich!

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